(note – just found this essay I wrote as a Facebook post 4 years ago in tribute to my Great-Uncle Ignacio “Nacho” Almaguer, who had died a few nights earlier. I’m not sure I want to go for 90 anymore, but 75 might be a good time to start listening to those records and farting […]

old news

Here’s a video I made with Marc & Brett, my old collaborators in Temporary Services, in 2005 – I live for the day that someone says “Whaddya call it?” to me so I can reply with “Ode To Hero of the Future, Number 5”. If I had the opportunity to remake this, I would cut […]

My Writings elsewhere

(a continually updated post as I link items) You can find evidence of my humanity in – Visions For Chicago (also readable in full here) The Journal of Aesthetics & Protest (article about The Free Store) “The Power to Transform” (article/interview I wrote about Lauren Sugerman of Chicago Women in Trades) that said, you can […]

music, soothing, beasts, 2016, etc.

My friend Mike P posted his music picks new and old for 2016 on the old FB mess-site and I’d like to follow suit … Here is new or old-but-new-to-me music I listened to and greatly enjoyed in 2016: New (in no order): Jamila Woods – HEAVN Maxx Katz’s Floom project David Bowie – Blackstar […]